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TTYSnoop old school

Here’s an OLD post I did back in circa 2000? ——————- Configuring TTYSNOOP with Redhat 7+ Getting TTYSNOOP and installing: First download the ttysnoop source or RPM (preferred). You can find this package just about anywhere, but I found the RPM on Install the latest package by typing: [root@redhatbox etc]#rpm –i ttysnoop-0.12c-9.i386.rpm A file […]

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–Updated Quick *nix tricks/tips

I’m not posting this for others, but for myself 🙂 These tips/examples were taken from various sites and collected here. I will update if I find more beneficial… # Moves files older than 7 days w/ extension of .caf to the “backup” folder. # find . -type f -name “*.log” -mtime +7 -exec mv {} […]

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