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Xenserver Love/Hate Part DUX

Yes, I purposely misspelled the topic! I left off with converting many ESXi VMware 4.1 Windows VM’s to Xenserver 62. All but one in particular would migrate and boot fine, however, upon a reboot or shutdown, the VM would BSOD with a winlogon.exe error specifically the file “VMUpgradeAtShutdownWXP.dll”. HUH? Doing some research *cough* Googling; found […]

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LinuxMint standing upgrade gone wrong

So impressed with LinuxMint 14 running Cinnamon on an older Sony VGN-NW240F Laptop; decided to upgrade to 15 “Olivia”. Ran through the necessary steps #apt-get update #apt-get dist-upgrade After several interruptions requesting Y/N questions, I answering Y to all and final reboot and DANG-IT! Many items missing, the login jacked; downloaded the 900MB ISO and […]

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