Multi-path ISCSI Citrix Xen Server & Synology (Part One)

Building a solution for HA Virtual Environment for a client using (2) SuperMicro Servers with Citrix XenServer 6.2 and adding a Synology DS1515+ as the ISCSI SAN backend. The SuperMicro servers have (2) Embedded Intel NIC’s and we added an additional quad port NIC to total 6 NIC’s.  We loaded the Synology with 5 x (3TB) WD Enterprise SATA drives in a RAID 10 configuration, bumped up memory and possibly adding an SSD for cache acceleration in the near future.

The plan is to utilize (2) NIC’s for MultiPath ISCSI Storage on the Synology & each XenHost respectively.  One NIC is dedicated for Management and the remaining (3) will be BONDED.

The network segment is complemented with a HP 5406 Modular switch.  This switch has (2) Ethernet Modules so we’re creating two Storage VLANs.  Placing a Storage VLAN100 on Module A and Storage VLAN200 on Module B.  Unfortunately the budget does not allow an additional like switch.

In the current configuration Module A, ports 6,8,10 are in VLAN100.  Module B, ports 6,8,10 are in VLAN200.  The Synology DS1515+ has (4) NICs so in our case, we place port 3 in VLAN100, Port 4 in VLAN 200.  Each XenHost, in a Pool at this point, will have a NIC in both VLANS.

XenHost1 IP configured VLAN1 – NIC 0
XenHost1 IP configured VLAN100 – NIC 1
XenHost1 IP configured VLAN100 – NIC 2

XenHost2 IP configured VLAN1 – NIC 0
XenHost2 IP configured VLAN200 – NIC 1
XenHost2 IP configured VLAN200 – NIC 2

In Part Two – I’ll detail more on the execution of this project.