About Me? — UPDATED

So what about me?  I think, live, breathe tech.  I enjoy my family, friends, tech gadgets, basketball in that order.

NOTE: I don’t claim nor attempt to please the grammer police on the Internets….

Technical background:

A few technical certs, I refer to them as MSI’s (More Stupid Initials).

On a serious note, I have worked in the tech world professionally since 1993 – started working with Linux around 1995 (Slackware).  Plenty of experience in the Microsoft world and various flavors of *nix (HPUX, Solaris, AIX). Much experience with Oracle DB 7 & 8i. JD Edwards ERP in manufacturing.
The computer bug bit me around 1982 when an acquaintance introduced me to an Atari 800XL. So I started my research, what’s better Atari or Commodore 64? Everyone steered me to the Commodore. So I shoveled many drive ways in the winter and mowed many lawns in the summer to save up enough money to buy my C64 @ K-Mart. I’ll never forget the X-Mas day when I unwrapped a brand spanking new 1541 floppy drive! Then to round out my experience, I wrote to that company called “Comb”, remember them? Kind of like the Sharper Image of the day – I wrote about a 300 baud modem they were advertising as I didn’t see it in the next month’s edition. They wrote back! and stated they still had it in stock…for $29.95! My BBS surfing lessons started….
Current Toys I use:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  • Lenovo S210 running LinuxMint via SSD
  • Apple MacBook Pro 15″ Mid-2009 (2.8 Core2 Duo w/ 8GB Ram)
  • Motorola DroidX — shelved
  • Apple iPhone 3G as backup — daughter uses
  • iMac 21″
  • iPad v2
  • iPad v2 (stolen)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II (still going)

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