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Test driving LinuxMint

So I decided to test drive LinuxMint because Fedora just wasn’t working for me on a refurbed Sony VAIO laptop. So far it’s great; everything installed just “works”. Did run into a problem but it appears to be symptomatic with all Linux distros where disabling Wireless on a laptop places it in Airplane Mode. Issue […]

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Oracle Linux 6.3..Can’t believe it’s not BTRFS (Butter File system)

Looking for a ZFS filesystem alternative, I read the announcement Oracle Linux 6.3 BTRFS as default. Sweet! Nothing against LVM, but we want the next generation of filesystems front an center. Feverishly downloaded the DVD ISO, heck with the Release Notes right? WRONG…BTRFS is not an option booting off the DVD release, you must use […]

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Is CentOS going to fade into the sunset?

I’m starting to hear some rumblings about CentOS releases and updates taking longer and longer thus stalling. You can applaud Larry Ellison of Oracle for that because of Unbreakable Linux. To summarize real quick; my opinion and my others, Unbreakable Linux is nothing more than RedHat with some language changed. RedHat releases source to comply […]

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