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ARP Cache Spoof detection in an appliance

While slinking around on the Internet, I ran across this little appliance that shows to be a quick drop in solution. The device called “ArpDefender” can be found here and explained as: full-fledged LIDS (LAN IDS), tailored to what the best information security experts currently recommend for the LAN environment. ARPDefender serves to fill the […]

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Uh oh… Hacker ‘handshake’ hole found in common firewalls

Read this yesterday and have heard “things”, but it’s been confirmed apparently. There’s a technique (TCP Split Handshake attack) to fool common firewalls into “treating” an attacker as if it’s on the inside of the network. Appears to affect many of the big names in firewalls, Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, SonicWall. Read more about that here….

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